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Academic Programs at the Department of Computing and Digital Technology

Avalon's department of Computing and Digital Technology is a specialized unit in the development and delivery of high-quality computing and digital technology related training programs.  Our faculty and academic staff are qualified academics and practitioners which through their training, academic expertise and professional experience are able to convey industry-relevant skills, abilities, and knowledge to our students.


We're currently offering the following programs:

Diploma in Digital Logistics

Digital logistics refers to the design and administration of processes and operations for the distribution and delivery of goods through the use of digital technology. Specialized logisticians are in demand professionals that are sought after in most industries.  A Diploma in Digital Logistics may open unique possibilities may help you to leave a positive footprint the world around you.

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Diploma in Cybersecurity and Privacy

Cybersecurity (or Cyber security) refers to the protection and security of data and critical computer systems and networks from digital attacks (i.e. hacking or unauthorized access). Cybersecurity professionals will continue to be very sought after due to continuous trend to digitization of the economy and industry.

About our Programs

We at Avalon College understand the competitive pressures placed on today's students. We've designed our programs to be time effective and sequential. Specifically, our programs are structured with the following formula: 

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