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Privacy Policy

Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity Inc.

Privacy Policy

Effective May 1, 2021

1. Our Pledge to our Users

 At Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity Inc. we pledge to our website users and customers that we will officiously endeavor to protect the privacy of our customers, clients, and users. We pledge to abide and follow existing Canadian Federal legislation (i.e. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) as enacted for the protection of al private personal information gathered or collected for the purpose of conducting business on our website.

2. Purpose of Data Collection.

We collect data for the purpose of registering clients (students) into our programs of study and as a way to verify their qualifications, country of residence, and identity.

3. Use of Cookies and Automatic Collection of Information.

Our website use cookies to identify recurring customer and its location to improve the experience while on the college’s website.  The user is entitled to remove our cookies.

4. Share of Information of with third-parties.

We do not share the information of our customer and our website users with any third-party; with the exception to grant access to the customer to the College’s core online infrastructure in other cloud-based platforms  such as  Moodle, Teach n’go and 123Forms; or as requested by Law.

5. Secure Communication and Data Encryption.

We will officiously strive to maintain all the data stored safe by means of enhanced security, https connections and encryption of information when possible.

6. Opt-out communication.

Users and customers can opt-out from receiving any communication with the College at any time.  Just by clicking unsubscribe we will be stopping any communication.


Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity Inc.

90 King Street, Unit L 150

Saint John, NB

E2L 1G


(p): 1-800-579-9512

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