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Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity is an specialized institution in providing industry sough after and, relevant programs in computing  and digital technology. The tuition fees for our fully online programs and our processes do not differentiate between Canadian and International students.  When applying for admission, please consider the following:

1) Academic Requirements

2) Online Application Process

3) Fee Structure

Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements


Complete the demographic info in our secure application form.


Upload in our secure application form a copy of your government issued ID document.


Upload copies of your relevant academic qualifications ton our secure application form.

Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

Thank you for considering Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity to empower yourself. In a nutshell this is the admission process you will have to follow when applying to the College.

Admission Process



To apply to the program of your choice, simply complete the secure application form. 



The College will review your application and will render a decision within 2 business days. 



If the College accepts your application, you will recieve an offer to join the program of your choice. 



Once you have accepted the offer and terms, you become a full student of Avalon College

Admission Process

Student Fee Structure

Fee Structure

At Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity, we pride ourselves in having a simple fee structure without hidden fees. 

Tuition is on a per course basis, or you can pay your modules as you progress through your program. 

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