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Competence-based Training and Consulting for a Competitive Edge

Welcome to Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity

We provide an enriched learning environment which is focused on industry-designed training that will enable its participants to have an edge in a competitive work environment.  Our programs are developed with the sole purpose to provide its students competence-based training. Our online asynchronous and modular approach provides the  flexibility students  required in today's competitive world.  Reach  us to find out more about how we can help to seize your future.

Become a Student

Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity has developed, and is committed to  continue developing  competence-based and industry-led training programs. Our unique expertise in applied technology and our closeness to industry   are our main assets to develop and deliver  cutting-edge training in new technologies.  Contact us to discuss how our training programs, or short courses, can help you to obtain technology-based  and industry sought qualifications.

Consulting and Applied Research

Avalon College of Technology and Cybersecurity has the competences and expertise to assist you in your in your implementation and management of digital technology projects. We can provide specialized consulting services in cybersecurity and improvement of logistical networks. Contact us to discuss your specific consulting and applied research needs.

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